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Do you think you and your friends have what it takes to win the Summer Sizzle Team Match? Teams of 4 Couples will compete against each other in a battle of skill as judges decide who will come out victorious. 


for Team Match Competitors


A "team" will consist of 4 couples. Each couple will need to be assigned to one of the following dances:

- International Cha Cha

- International Waltz

- Jive

- Quickstep

Team Members should be between the ages of 12-20, although exceptions can be made.


Each couple representing their assigned dance will compete against all the other couples for that dance. For example, each team's Cha Cha couple will compete against each other. Each dance will be treated as a final round, where judges will mark each couple in a spot from First through X. At the end, a final score will be calculated to see which team will take home the Gold!


Each team will be assigned a color. All the dancers on that team will then need to wear outfits that correspond to their team's color. More information will be sent out to the team members following their registration. 

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